"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible."  - The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E. Lawrence

Benjamin Szabo is a London based photographer who specializes in people photography including portrait, commercial and fashion photography.  Benjamin enjoys experimenting with lighting techniques and DSLR technology and also with artistic forms of photography and lomography. 

Benjamin has exhibited around  the UK and Japan and his work has been published in magazines in the UK and Spain. 
His current exhibition, INTRO/SPECTION, can be seen in the FreeZia Gallery, Valencia, Spain.

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ELEPHANT West Summer Exhibition, 62 Wood Lane, London, July 2019
INTRO/SPECTION, Solo Exhibition, FreeZia Gallery, Calle Cuba, 3 bajo, Valencia, Spain, October - December 2018
London Independent Photography 29th Annual Group Exhibition, Special Merit exhibitor, London, UK, December 2017
The Shutter Hub Open 2017 at Retina Festival Group Exhibition , Edinburgh, UK, July 2017
London Independent Photography 28th Annual Group Exhibition, London, UK, November 2016
Portrait Salon Group Exhibition, The Reminders Photography , Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, February 2016
BBC Team Worldwide Art Festival, Group Exhibit, BBC TVC, London, UK, February 2016
Shortlisted for The Printspace "Lost in Music" Photo Exhibition , London, UK, November 2015
Portrait Salon Group Exhibition, London, UK, November 2015
LIP 27th Annual Group Exhibition, London, UK, October 2015
Bello Portraits, Solo Exhibition in Notting Hill, London, UK,  April - October 2014


The Sun, Photo of Melanie Martial, 19 June 2020
Daily Star Sunday,  Photo of Melanie Da Cruz, 10 February 2019 
The Crown Estate, St. James' London, The Correspondent, Print & Online, October 2018
Vogue Italia, Editors Choice for online portfolio September 2018
MFW18 images provided for Live TV interview for BOKER NEWS, KESHET12, Israel , March 2018
Vogue Italia, Editors Choice for online portfolio February 2018
FLIP Magazine, Storytelling issue, Photo publication, July 2017
Promo Magazine, Melanie Da Cruz, Featured Editorial, August 2017
Public Magazine (France), Photos of Melanie Da Cruz, January 2017 
FLIP Magazine, The Street, Written three Book reviews, November 2016
FLIP Magazine, Adventure, Photo publication and Book review, July 2016
INMEDIATIKA Magazine, Cover photo and editorial spread, June 2016
Fashion Shift Magazine, Lookbook spread, Earlybird issue, June 2016
FLIP Magazine, Lost/Found, Photo publication and book review April 2016
Rough Trade 40th Anniversary Journal photo contributions, March 2016
FLIP Magazine, Illusion, Winter 2015
FLIP Magazine, Neighbourhood Issue, Summer 2015
FLIP Magazine, Topography Issue, Spring 2015
Featured as most loved on, Summer 2015
Publishing about Benjamin Szabo Photography and his work in UNVISTAZOO's 4th issue, Spain, June 2014

CHARITY Activities

Charity corporate shoot for Starship (NZ), August 2014


"Benjamin was a true asset to the Live Fashion Photo Booth in the Fashion Undressed Festival at Southbank Centre. Capturing well-composed, artistic photos of the public efficiently is no easy task and Ben's enthusiasm and expertise put the participants at ease and delighted them with gorgeous shots to commemorate the day."
     - Marie Ortinau, Southbank Centre

"Benjamin attended one day of our AW shoot with a brief to take extra quick shots that we could use on social media. He was engaged and understood the direction we wanted to go in quickly. The resulting shots are of a high quality and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future."
     - Lee-Anne Harris, Savile Row Company